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View of the Summer Water Camp Location

SENC Members hard at work!!!

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Volunteers Needed:


Raffle ticket sales

Basket Raffle

Please contact Julie Fitser, Regional Chair

at julie@patdraw.com



October 6 &7, 2018

High Falls County Park

Seneca, SC

Join the Fun!!

Here are some of the Activities-

Egg & Spoon Run

Cart Training


​Join us for a weekend of cart training and barbecue offered lakeside in Seneca, SC.  Enjoy a beautiful South Carolina setting while you kick back with fellow Newfoundland dog owners and learn more about carting.  Whether you’re a first timer, curious about pulling a cart in your neighborhood or you’re an expert looking to enhance your winning techniques, come join us!  Enjoy delicious barbecue lakeside with your precious Newfie’s while you make new friends and celebrate a perfect start to fall!

​​Event News

June 9, 2018
SENC Summer Water Camp-Dandrige, TN

July 28-29, 2018
SENC Regional Specialty -Greenville, SC

October 6 & 7, 2018
SENC Fall Frolic - Seneca, SC

December 8, 2018
SENC Winterfest - Helen, GA

2 Days of Regional Specialties...Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29, 2018.

The 2018 SENC Regional Specialties will be held in conjunction with the 4-day Piedmont & Greenville All-Breed Kennel Clubs in July.
This 4-day all breed cluster will have conformation and obedience and will be held at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC.

Please Contact Julie Fitser, SENC Regional Specialty Chair at julie@patdraw.com

SENC needs your help for Trophy donations for Saturday and Sunday.  Below are class lists for Saturday and Sunday. You can choose classes for both days or choose classes for one day...choose as many classes as you wish to donate.

Puppy Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes will be offered both days.  Saturday trophies are towels/beach day items.  Sunday trophies are exquisite newfoundland engraved glassware

Please email Laura Raderat
catsquarerader@aol.com specifying your trophy donations.

Please send all monies to:
Margaret Rancourt
SENC Treasurer
516 Magellan Dr.
West Union, SC 29696


2014 Working Video

2014 Working Video

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SENC members are constantly at work increasing our knowledge and understanding of the Newfoundland breed.  Enjoy the videos!!

Southeastern Newfoundland Club  Inc. (SENC Inc) is a regional club affiliated and recognized by our parent club The Newfoundland Club of America. Our membership area includes Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.


SENC 2018 Regional Specialty

Southeastern​ Newfoundland Club

Conformation Video

SENC is dedicating the 2018 year to one of Newfoundland education and team building. We’ll be focused on building a positive group culture through events that bring our members together in training, socialization & membership building.  

SENC Members are PROUD of their Newfoundland dogs!!! Enjoy the videos!!


We need Volunteers for:

Regional Specialty - See Below

Water Summer Camp

Fall Frolic

Available Position Open:

​Contact Susan Egan


If you would like to volunteer for the event, please reach out to a SENC Officer - they'd LOVE to hear from you!



 Summer Water Camp"

June 9, 2018

Dandridge, TN

Camping & Campfire Fun!

Here are some of the Activities-

Water Training

Swimming with your Newf

Eating Roasted Marshmallows

​Contact Benita Edds at benita@timberknollnewfoundlands.com

​Located lakeside in the heart of the breathtaking Smokey Mountains, enjoy a day of water training, campfire and cookout while you learn what it takes to participate in Water Work with your beloved Newfoundland pets.  All levels of water training will be offered as well as lessons in stewardship to help you become a more valuable asset to your regional club.  Come prepared to get in the water, eat well and relax with friends while you build a deeper connection through training and bonding with your Newfoundland. Whether you’re interested in learning water training techniques or simply learning more about the Newfoundland breed and building connections with other Newfoundland Dog owners, your day will promise to be one of relaxation and enjoyment.