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2016 SENC Awards Banquet 

February 4, 2017 

The year is almost over!  Be sure and get all of your awards and titles ready for the 2016 SENC Awards Banquet.

Below are all of the forms and information you will need to receive your hard earned awards!  

SENC Members at the


Many of our SENC members had the joy of sharing our amazing Newfs with the public at an American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership day!  There was a plethora of information about the breed, demonstrations of what Newfs love to do and of course, plenty of drool to share with the public as they visited our booth!

2014 Working Video

2014 Working Video

2014 Conformation Video

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2013 Working Video

2013 Working Video

2013 Conformation Video

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The best way to prevent health issues is through education and willingness to learn about your animal's health. 

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SENC members are constantly at work increasing our knowledge and understanding of the Newfoundland breed.  Enjoy the videos!!

SENC Videos

2017 Regional Specialty & Supported Entry

February 4 - 5, 2017

Atlanta, GA
Chair:  Dionne Reep

Fun times at our April Draft Test

​April 8-10, 2016    Judges:  Dwight Gorsuch & George Norman

Chair:  Benita Edds  Secretary:  Tina Bowers

​We had 4 new titles with two of those being DDX!!  We also had three requals!

Southeastern Newfoundland Club  Inc. (SENC Inc) is a regional club affiliated and recognized by our parent club The Newfoundland Club of America. Our membership area includes Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.